Delicious Business Cards

You can create unique recipe cards to help promote your … or even to start a … business from your … we all know, the majority of business cards that are … either ge

You can create unique recipe cards to help promote your ownbusiness, or even to start a part-time business from your ownhome.As we all know, the majority of business cards that are handedout either get forgotten or thrown in the trash very quickly.By making unique business recipe cards, you’re not only providingsomething of value, but you’re also advertising in a way wherepeople will see and remember your business.All you need to get started is a home computer printer, somerecipes and some blank index cards.When choosing your recipes, make sure that you have legal rightsto use them.Although recipe ingredients cannot be copyright protected, therecipe instructions are, therefore you can’t just pick recipesout of magazines and books to use in this way.You will need to either use your own unique recipes, or you canuse recipes that have now fallen into the public domain where thecopyrights have expired.To help get you started, you can obtain over 260 public domainrecipes in The Bread And Biscuit Baker’s And Sugar-Boiler’sAssistant.Every recipe provided in The Bread And Biscuit Baker’s AndSugar-Boiler’s Assistant is now in the public domain and free foranyone to use (for personal use or profit), and considering thatthey are for wonderful cakes and candies, these are perfect foryour unique business recipe cards.You can obtain a copy of The Bread And Biscuit Baker’s AndSugar-Boiler’s Assistant at the following URL: make your recipe business cards, you will want to print onerecipe on one side of a blank index card attractively, and yourbusiness ad on the other side of the card.Make sure that you include a small line at the bottom of thecard, on the side that you have the recipe that states somethinglike the following:For more delicious recipes please send a SASE for recipe list to:YOUR NAME AND ADDRESSThis is so that you can send a price list (25 cents per card isgood) for more cards to promote even more recipes (and ads) onyour cards. Make sure the statement is in a smaller font thanthe actual recipe so that it doesn’t take up much room on yourcards.Be sure to be very creative and add nice graphics to the backs ofyour cards to make your ads more attractive.Also, you can start a successful part-time business by selling adspace to area businesses where their ads are placed on the backsof the cards that you distribute.To do this, make up about 10 separate cards, using 10 differentrecipes and 10 different ad designs that you can use as samplesof your work.Next, create a short letter that explains the benefits that thebusinesses receive once you start distributing cards with theirads on them.Point out that the recipe cards are extremely likely to be usedover and over again, and that they provide an excellentopportunity to have their ads seen by hundreds of localconsumers.Further explain how you plan to distribute your cards to localconsumers, so that they understand that there is no work involvedon their part.Provide your prices on a “per ad” per card basis, usually 25cents per card is a nice round figure, and include your phonenumber so that you can be reached if they would like to place anorder.It’s best to suggest a minimum order of 100 cards so that youdon’t get orders so small that it would be a waste of time toprint them.Include a few of your sample cards (3 cards per letter is good)and start mailing your letters to businesses that pique yourinterest.Once you receive some orders, there are several ways you candistribute the cards quickly and easily.You can advertise in your newspaper to send a free recipe inexchange for a SASE.You can include ads on the cards that people will order fromafter requesting your recipe price list.You can compile several hundred different recipes in a regularindex box and resell the recipe boxes for even more profits.You can also sign up for the free tips course to help you make your new recipe business card business a success. The tips course provides wonderful tips to ensure your businesses successful launch, and provides methods that you can implement to make several hundred dollars per month in additional income.To receive the free tips course please visit the following URL: ipsThink creatively and I’m sure you can come up with many more waysto profit from the creation, distribution and sharing of thesewonderful recipe cards. Believe me, the locals are going to lovethem!